Health and Productivity Management

Principles for Health and Productivity Management

The first of Our Promises in the SCSK Corporate Philosophy of Create Our Future of Dreams is "respecting each other." In 2015, SCSK established its principles for health and productivity management that proclaim health is the basis for everything, while our work rules stipulate the company and employees have a responsibility toward health maintenance and advancement. In this manner, we are working on health and productivity management as a way of investing in our people over the medium and long term.

Health and Productivity  Management Principles Inscribed in Work Rules

System for Promoting Health and Productivity Management

At SCSK, top management has the position of Chief Health Officer. Furthermore, the Life Support Promotion Department, which plans and implements health-related measures, SCSK's Committee for Creating a Pleasant Workplace Environment, which is run by employees, and SCSK Health Insurance Society, which is responsible for insurance benefits and insurance business, work together to promote health and productivity management. In addition to having established several facilities staffed with various professionals, including not only industrial physicians, general physicians, and public health nurses and hospital nurses but also certified public psychologists and clinical psychologists, we offer support for employees continuing to work and various careers in collaboration with human resource-related organizations. We are also expanding activities to group companies, such as relaxation rooms staffed by licensed masseurs, while working to promote health and productivity management along with numerous stakeholders involved in operations, including partner companies, by providing various support and sharing know-how.

Initiatives for Health and Productivity Management

As a foundation for improving the health literacy of all employees, we continuously promote health and productivity management by integrating our measures for and health advancement, which instill good behaviors, and health management, which lead to early detection and treatment, along with measures for peace of mind and risk response, which help employees balance work and medical treatment, and thus support the independent health maintenance.

Factors Considered in Kenko Waku Waku Mileage Program

Distribution of SCSK Health White Paper to all Executives and Employees

In 2021, SCSK once again provided executives and employees with information on the health and productivity management principles and overall state of initiatives and prepared the SCSK Health White Paper, which covers the initiatives undertaken until then, in order to further promote independent health maintenance by each and every executive and employee. This white paper provides information on items such as health seminars and support systems, including the Chief Health Officer message and our thoughts on employee’s state of health and treatment after findings. We are trying to further spread and instill health and productivity management by distributing this white paper to not only executives and employees but also their families.

Instilling Habits through the Kenko Waku Waku Mileage Program

The Kenko Waku Waku Mileage program, one of the core measures for health advancement, provides employees with points for taking part in and recording healthy activities, with incentives provided based on the number of points earned in one year. Since its start in 2015, almost all executives and employees have participated in the program, and every year, there have been improvements in health-related behavior and attitudes, including those related to not only exercise (steps) and sleep but also meals, drinking, and smoking. COVID-19 resulted in a dramatic temporary decline in the average number of steps taken, but the number recovered from 6,731 steps in April 2020 to 8,338 steps in May 2022 as a result of the Kenko Waku Waku Mileage program, message from top management, reports at executive meetings, distribution of activity trackers, and other measures.

Measures and Facilities for Promoting Health and Productivity Management

Measures to Improve Health Literacy

Through measures to increase health literacy, we provide content appropriate for health issues hinted at in the results of in-house surveys in order to foster the "ability to determine one’s own health." Since FY2020, we have conducted seminars and workshops on sleep which has a particularly strong impact on productivity, and about 2,000 employees have participated in these activities. We also conduct seminars to improve understanding of health issues unique to women and self-management capabilities, which more than 600 employees have participated in through FY2021. In addition, we cover various topics, such as meals, exercise, stiff shoulders, back pain, and health management of subordinates, and in FY2021, more than 2,900 people took part in related activities, which has resulted in high satisfaction.

Thoroughly Offering Health Exams and Treatment After Findings

Through health management measures, we offer health exams and treatment after findings in order to regularly check employee’s state of health and quickly detect and treat problems. Every year, 100% of employees receive these health exams. After exams, we offer information on how to read the results and encourage the use of those results. In addition to recommending reexams linked to the Kenko Waku Waku Mileage program, we work with the SCSK Health Insurance Society and recommend employees to receive special health guidance. As a result of these efforts, 100% of employees asked to undergo a reexam did so, and 69.8% of employees received special health guidance.

Results for Health and Productivity Management

An in-house survey found that health advancement measures have led to changes in employee behavior and habits, such as decline in the ratio of employees who smoke. In addition, more and more employees feel a keen sense of health and productivity management penetration and feel like health advancement is having positive results at work. Indicators on employee health, productivity and rewarding workplace have been improving with each passing year. SCSK’s initiatives have won high praise from outside the company, and based on the Survey on Health and Productivity Management conducted by METI, we were selected as a brand under the Health & Productivity Stock Selection, by METI and Tokyo Stock Exchange as a company that thinks about employee’s health management from a management perspective and strategically implements related efforts, for eighth consecutive years, since the 2015 when we were first selected.

Factors Considered in Kenko Waku Waku Mileage Program

From Health and Productivity Management to Well-Being Management

By evolving its health and productivity initiatives undertaken over many years, SCSK is moving forward with efforts to implement well-being management based on the idea that "physical and mental health, satisfying and rewarding work, and a sense of being useful to society lead to happiness and well-being of each executive and employee." Recently, we have held presentations and training in which participants learn about the mechanism of happiness and mindfulness. Furthermore, we regularly assess the state of mental and physical health, workplace environment, and communication level, and conduct weekly pulse surveys, which make changes visible, and provide opportunities to use that for self-care and management. We plan to continue to evolve health and productivity management and promote well-being management, and respond to changes in the environment so that diverse human resources can continue to make contributions while being mentally, physically, and socially healthy.