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Providing IT Services That Anticipate
Client Needs and Become Optimal Solutions

We want to deliver faster, more accurate, and more in-depth IT services as demanded by business.
Our specialists, knowledgeable in problem-solving across all industries assemble and
coordinate their expertise to propose the optimal solutions to clients.

Business details

SCSK Group's Business Lines

The SCSK Group continues to respond to the IT needs of various clients who support society widely through seven types of services. We have established strong relationships of trust in our partnerships with clients over many years by having a thorough knowledge of their strategies and businesses.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

When clients outsource operations to us, they harness the support of our dedicated staff with expertise honed over many years.
We provide contact center and EC fulfillment services.

IT Software and Hardware Sales

We provide sales, development, and support for products such as security, networks, server storage, middleware, CAD, analysis, and CAE.

IT Management

We provide IT service management, conducting maintenance, operation, and continuous improvement of various IT systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud, for the realization of stable and continuous IT operation.

IT Infrastructure Development

We provide assessment toward IT infrastructure optimization, IT infrastructure design and development, and operational design for stability.


We provide IT strategy formulation based on clients' management strategies, formulation of IT plans for each business domain, and support for the realization of IT strategies.

Systems Development

From SoR which requires high quality to SoE which requires speed, we provide development for a wide range of needs.

Verification Services

Drawing fully on our experience honed over many years, original verification theories, and the latest technologies, we conduct assessment and verification of software based on objective test cases.

SCSK's Growth Strategies

CORE Business Group

Industrial Business Group

Business lines

The Industrial Business Group enhances the business value of many clients involved in social infrastructure through systems integration that flexibly addresses operational issues, while harnessing its knowledge, technologies, experience and intellectual properties amassed over many years in such industries as manufacturing, distribution, communications, media and utilities, excluding finance.

Strengths (competitive edge)

Financial Business Group

Business lines

The Financial Business Group offers a broad range of services, from systems development, maintenance and operation to call centers and BPO services for financial industry fields including banking, life and non-life insurance, securities, leasing and credit cards. We are now working to enhance operations using our business base as a foundation for delivering greater value to markets, steadily responding to ever-changing client needs amid the trend of digitalization.

Strengths (competitive edge)

Solution Business Group

Business lines

The Solution Business Group is working to resolve social issues together with clients as an IT strategic partner providing seamless outsourcing services from development to operations using such functions as infrastructure development, onsite operations and data center operations based on its proprietary service platform, development, operation and maintenance of ERP, CRM and data management, and development, maintenance and operation of the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s core systems and peripheral systems.

Strengths (competitive edge)

IT Platform Business Group

Business lines

The IT Platform Business Group provides products and support for the six product lines of security, networks, server and storage, middleware, CAD and simulation and CAE. We aim to improve customer satisfaction and expand the business of entire business group by constantly expanding product lineups to promote corporate DX, coordinating our extensive product lineups and the skills and know-how of our engineers to meet our customer needs, and leading them to solutions.

Strengths (competitive edge)

Next-CORE Business Group

Mobility Business Group

Business lines

The Mobility Business Group provides a broad range of automotive software system solutions for clients in the auto industry, including model-based development, our proprietary product QINeS-BSW, software verification, and process development and improvement. In FY2021 and beyond, we will establish an integrated structure for providing services in the Out-Car domain, contributing to the business growth of clients.

Strengths (competitive edge)

Global Digital Solution & Innovation Business Group

Business lines

The Global Digital Solution & Innovation Business Group promotes commercialization of DX with other Business Groups by creating digital innovation utilizing cutting edge digital technologies and working closely with our global network (six overseas business sites) and Sumitomo Corporation aimed at creation of next-generation core businesses. Of the four priority fields, we are working to enhance businesses in the healthcare and customer experience domains to roll these out in society.

Strengths (competitive edge)

SCSK Global Services

SCSK Global Services