The market is expanding due to the global expansion of Japanese corporations.
SCSK defines this as the greater Japanese market and is strengthening related initiatives.
SCSK supports customers aiming for global expansion proactively with our IT services backed with Japanese-style reliability and trust.
We also adopt advanced technologies from all over the world and provide them to Japanese corporations, thereby contributing to business improvement and technological innovation.

SCSK USA has offices in New York, Silicon Valley and Dallas.
It provides a wide array of IT solutions to many Japanese corporations
in the Americas, including Latin America. It also has an R&D function
for AI and IoT and is working for customers’ innovations.

SCSK EU provides IT services to customers in Europe, including CIS,
the Middle East and Africa from London.
This company also provides customers all over the world with system
services for treasury management and sales/inventory management

SCSK Shanghai provides IT services to customers in East Asia from Shanghai. Capable of
providing multilingual services (Chinese, Japanese and English), this company is familiar with
China’s unique tax and legal systems, business customs and other aspects.
This company ensures high-quality project implementation by applying its business knowledge
and expertise cultivated through the large number of business projects handled by it.

SCSK AP acts as the strategic IT partner of Japanese companies in East, South
and West Asia and Australia from Singapore. Taking advantage of its understanding
of local requirements and track record on large-scale projects, this company
provides services ranging from system design and development to their operation,
and maintenance that conform to the legal requirements of each country.

SCSK Indonesia provides IT solutions as a strategic IT partner for
the enterprise from Jakarta.
In addition, this company provides a wide range of support for all
aspects of IT associated with the introduction of the DX Business.

SCSK Myanmar provides customers with high-quality ICT solutions,
as a strategic partner of a Myanmar corporation.
This company is committed to creating new value for customers and
contributing to local communities through the planning and
implementation of DX.


The global service menu of SCSK consists of two major categories, that is, construction, operation, and maintenance of applications, and infrastructures. Applications include ERP, consolidation accounting, BI, workflow, web, CRM and other development. Infrastructures include servers (physical/virtual), network, security, PC, software and other office equipment (such as conference call systems). Services for constructing, operating and maintaining these applications and infrastructures are provided by SCSK in Japan and its overseas subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe, China and Asia.