Diversity and Inclusion

Basic Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

SCSK is promoting diversity and inclusion as a way to become a company with a pleasant and rewarding workplace where all employees can fully maximize their skills. Diversity and inclusion at SCSK involves a number of measures to foster understanding and acceptance of diversity as an organization from the three standpoints of profile diversity, thought diversity and opinion diversity. Through these measures, we aspire to build upon organizational strengths as our diverse workforce acknowledges and understands one another as mutual partners. We aim to be a company that continuously creates new value-added services and achieves sustainable growth by fully drawing out the skills of its entire workforce and using this power to drive SCSK’s business growth.


System for Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

SCSK established an organization dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in 2012. Since then, we have implemented a number of initiatives for leveraging the skills of seniors, women, and people with disabilities.

Aiming for an inclusive workplace where our employees from varying backgrounds can respect one another and thrive professionally, we held seminars for all employees and rank-based training for instilling diversity and inclusion. A web portal and in-house magazine were also launched to promote the greater understanding and entrenchment of diversity and inclusion. The portal is regularly updated with information such as the importance of diversity and inclusion, our initiatives and messages from top management. Furthermore, our goal is to foster an organizational culture that contributes to business innovation and creation through the practice of diversity and inclusion. To this end, we have implemented a project under which organization leaders examine measures for diversity and inclusion and organizational revitalization, which they then implement and develop at their own organizations.

Managerial Foundation Reinforcement

Initiatives for Empowering a Diverse Workforce

Promoting the active participation of women

We are implementing a number of measures to achieve an organizational culture where women can truly shine, recognizing that these measures are a foundation for realizing a broader scope of diversity and inclusion. We have worked to foster and support the career development of women by establishing a target of reaching 100 female line managers, which will encourage the active promotion of women in the workplace. In FY2021, a total of 124 women were promoted to line managers.

We have set targets of increasing the ratio of women in general manager positions to 12% and the number of female human resources with extremely advanced specializations to 150 (level 5 or higher in the IT Skill Level Assessment) over the five-year period from April 2021 through March 2026, and we are promoting training to reach the targets. These targets have also been incorporated into board member targets, while initiatives for diversity and inclusion such as promoting the active role of women in the workplace, and their results are now part of board member evaluations.

Promoting Participation by Seniors

With the goal of becoming an organization in which all human resources, regardless of age, continue to contribute and make the most of their skills, SCSK not only promotes the active participation of seniors, but also is working to create the necessary systems and environment as one of its important management issues so that we can achieve sustainable, developmental business expansion befitting the Co-Creative IT Company described in Grand Design 2030.

We have introduced the career planning for employees in 2013 as a comprehensive HR program for employees in the 50s or older and took the lead in the industry in implementing full employment through 65. Having positioned senior employees as SCSK’s main human resources, in 2018, we introduced the program for full-time employment of seniors that makes it possible to employ people aged 60 to 65 as full-time employees and offer compensation that rewards their strong contributions to the organization. At the current time, more than 500 senior full-time employees make active contributions through their rich knowledge and experience.

Accompanying revisions to the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, in July 2022, we introduced the Senior Expert Program, a system of continued employment for employees aged 65 or older based on certain standards. In this way, we will move forward with creating an environment in which human resources who possess strong specializations and maintain those skills are able to continue to make contributions at SCSK.

At SCSK, human resources are our assets. We are working to create an environment in which employees who maintain their advance specialization and continue to contribute by making the most of that specialization are positioned as “ideal senior talent” and all human resources, regardless of age, can make contributions.

Measures for LGBTQ

LGBTQ & Ally

We are working to develop an environment where all employees can work with peace of mind, which includes allowing same sex and common-law partners to be considered “spouse” under the company’s internal programs. Our policy is clearly laid out in the compliance manual, which explains the ban not only on sexual and power harassment, but also discrimination due to gender orientation. In addition to a hotline, we also hold seminars for all employees to promote understanding and conduct training for managers as well as employees in charge of human resources including at Group companies.
We hand out Ally*1 stickers to those who request one to symbolize their commitment to understanding, supporting and assisting the LGBTQ community, and we run an Ally. community where employees who identify as an LGBTQ Ally can discuss issues and SCSK’s measures for LGBTQ inclusion.

*1 Ally is a collective term for people who support the LGBTQ community.