SCSK's Data Centers enable value creation in the multi-cloud era
through flexible connectivity and advanced services.

Next-generation Data Centers as a foundation for new value creation in customer's businesses by ensuring fast and secure connectivity among edge, private and public domains and by supporting the entire systems in the era where shrewd system management among such domains is essensial:




netXDC is a premier data center service brand pioneered by SCSK.
Commencing its data center services in 1988, SCSK is expanding its presence by establishing flagship suburban
and urban data centers in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai regions.
Renowned for their unparalleled robustness and flexibility in Japan,
our data centers ensure exceptional business continuity.
We commit offering facility services that adeptly and promptly meet the diversified needs of our clientele.

Our network spans 7 locations with
10 centers, covering a total floor area
of approximately 95,000 square meters nationwide. ※As of January 2024

(ST1) (ST2) (ST3) (ST4) Tokyo Area Urban Data Center Cluster (SO1) Osaka Area Urban Data Center Sanda Campus Inzai Campus


netXDC offers optimal solutions for the myriad challenges surrounding system operation in data centers by providing a comprehensive suite of services, meticulously designed to cater to our customers' specific needs

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Fast and secure connectivity services enable facilitating seamless data synchronization and efficient system allocation among customer's edge sites, private systems and public cloud domains.