Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

In determining dividends, the Company aims to increase returns to shareholders in response to stronger consolidated results. In that process, the Company gives comprehensive consideration to its financial position, earnings trends, dividend payout ratio as well as reserves for future business investment.
The Company pays dividends twice a year from its surplus: an interim dividend and a year-end dividend. The decision on whether to pay dividends lies with the Board of Directors.
The Company regards the acquisition of treasury shares as one means of returning profits to shareholders, and will consider any such acquisitions taking into account share price trends and shareholder return via dividend payments.

Transition of Dividend per Share

  Dividend per Share (JPY)
  Six-month Period End Year-end
FY Ending March 2020
(Ordinary Dividend 110)
(Commemorative Dividend 20)
(Ordinary Dividend 55)
(Commemorative Dividend 10)
(Ordinary Dividend 55)
(Commemorative Dividend 10)
FY Ending March 2019 100 50 50
FY Ended March 2018 95 47.5 47.5
FY Ended March 2017 90 42.5 47.5
FY Ended March 2016 75 35 40
FY Ended March 2015 50 25 25