Business Details

Business Details

Creating new value and supporting businesses' global development with a full range of IT-related services

Providing a full lineup of the entire range of IT services that businesses require, from system development, IT infrastructure implementation, IT management, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), to sales of IT hardware and software

Business details

Manufacturing Systems Business

The Manufacturing Systems Business provides a wide range of IT solutions on a global scale. These solutions include the Business's core field of automotive embedded systems, as well as enterprise systems, manufacturing management systems, management information systems, and SCM/CRM. Our services leverage the experience and know-how that we have cultivated over many years throughout the chain of operational processes, from production to sales. The customers of this business are principally companies in the manufacturing industry.

Telecommunication Systems Business

The Telecommunication Systems Business provides optimal integrated services through combinations of various IT solutions. These include enterprise systems, management information systems, CRM, and service systems. The customers of this business are principally companies in the communications, energy, and media industries.

Distribution Systems Business

The Distribution Systems Business provides a combination of various IT solutions. These include enterprise systems, management information systems, SCM, CRM, and E-commerce websites. The customers of this business are principally companies in the distribution, trading, service, and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, this business supports overseas business expansion by providing optimal IT solutions to customers aiming to expand their business overseas.

Financial Systems Business

The Financial Systems Business engages in system development, maintenance, and operation for financial institutions. As professionals who understand financial operations and possess a strong track record of creating sophisticated financial systems, this business supports safe and effective management and works toward achieving a financial business strategy based on trust. The Financial Systems Business provides these services primarily to financial institutions such as banks and trust banks, as well as insurance, securities, lease, and credit companies.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions provides application management outsourcing (AMO) services that cover the entire system life cycle, from implementation and development to maintenance and operation. These services, which are provided in the optimal format for customers' business objectives, are centered on ERP and CRM products, such as ProActive, SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Business Services

Business Services provides solutions that combine human operation and IT into BPO services that only an IT company can deliver.

  • Variety of BPO services provided via our contact centers
  • Third-party verification services for systems and security
  • Total outsourcing services for e-commerce

IT Platform Solutions

IT Platform Solutions draws on solid technical capabilities and know-how to leverage CAD, CAE, and other advanced technologies in the fields of IT infrastructure and manufacturing. In this way, IT Platform Solutions provides services and products that accurately address the needs of customers and offers flexible support for a wide range of customer businesses.

IT Management

IT Management provides cloud services that combine the fundamental components of customer IT services platforms, such as servers, networks, security, and data centers. These combinations are optimized from the perspectives of management and operations. In addition, for IT service platforms owned by customers, IT Management offers advanced management services that extend from platform construction to operation, maintenance, and improvements. Through these services, we help customers to increase their corporate value.