Workflow System Solutions

We build workflow systems that permit smooth, quick operations for a variety of applications, requests for managerial decisions and other tasks needed at overseas bases. We build systems that suit the head office control, regional control and the size of the global network of each customer, thereby fulfilling their requirements.

Point. 1Scalable systems that respond flexibly to changes in business
Taking advantage of our expertise cultivated through extensive experience in introducing systems, we provide plans to construct scalable systems that respond flexibly to changes in business. Our services range from the selection of applications to the construction of a system.
Point. 2Enabling effects of the introduction to be achieved quickly
In addition to permitting accelerated decision-making and efficiency improvement of clerical work, the systems we build are effective for the following.
1. Strengthening internal control (reduction of input errors and enhancing security in access control)
2. Visualization of decisions that have been made (contents of the decisions, number of decisions and related expenses)
Point. 3Integration with peripheral systems
We make suggestions that are appropriate for the system environment of each customer, such as the construction of a platform that integrates systems built on different platforms.