Consolidation Accounting Solutions

By constructing a system for collecting consolidated financial results data, we enable earlier financial settlements and visualize consolidation operations while making use of different accounting systems overseas. We provide system construction services by responding flexibly to customer needs. Services range from construction based on a consolidation package, which has a good track record in global consolidation accounting, to the provision of hand-built systems.

Point. 1Group management solution with a global track record
This is an all-in-one group management solution that provides data collection, consolidation processing and reporting solutions using a consolidation package with a good track record in global consolidation accounting. Data needed for the management are centrally managed on a shared platform, thereby improving inefficient analysis and reporting operations as well as inconsistent information, enabling advanced group management.
Point. 2Efficiency improvement of the collection of subsidiary information
The data integration function of the consolidated accounting system permits the collection of accurate financial results data of subsidiaries, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of data collection from subsidiaries.
Point. 3Efficiency improvement/standardization of consolidated financial
settlement operations
Introduction of the consolidation accounting system permits the efficiency improvement of tasks related to financial settlement operations, because it enables the standardization of operations and automatic processing for consolidated financial settlements.