Application Management
Outsourcing Services

SCSK’s oversea offices each provide application management outsourcing services that are available in Japanese, English and Chinese. The services consolidate our expertise cultivated through many years of experience in application management support provided at 200 bases in 38 countries. With these services, we enable efficient utilization and stable, efficient operation of application systems that have been introduced. We can also make suggestions based on customer requirements in addition to standard menus.

Point. 1A global system for
application management outsourcing services
We provide application management outsourcing services globally by cooperating with overseas bases of SCSK. We also suggest measures for responding to legal and taxation systems, which are frequently needed at overseas bases, and the use of new solutions.
Point. 2Suggesting improvements for fundamental, potential problems
We support customers with issue management not only by addressing issues on a temporary basis but also by identifying and discussing fundamental problems behind the issues and suggesting improvements as part of our efforts to support customers with business development. We also collect potential issues of customers during our regular visits.
Point. 3Provision of training services to customers who use our services continuously
We create textbooks by compiling information including inquiries about operation methods that we receive frequently in our daily operation of application management outsourcing services. We use the textbooks to provide training services that are appropriate for each customer, including trainings for new employees and managerial employees.