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Takaaki Touma, Representative Director, President

The SCSK Group’s corporate philosophy is “Create Our Future of Dreams.” Based on this philosophy, we are striving to contribute to the betterment of society and the future by capitalizing on our IT and operational expertise through our business. We will work together with all members of the SCSK Group as well as with customers, partners, community members, and the greater society to accomplish these objectives. This is the raison d’être of the SCSK Group.

We are currently faced with multiple issues to the sustainability of our society, including increasingly serious abnormal weather patterns, diminished biodiversity, depleted resources, growing economic disparity, and human rights violations. High expectations are thus being directed toward companies to fulfill their important responsibility in helping to resolve these issues.

The SCSK Group is practicing sustainability management as a growth strategy in order to help address such issues from a long-term perspective.
IT and digitalization using IT will be an indispensable tool to the resolution of social and environmental issues. Our IT services are founded on the technologies and insight we have cultivated throughout our history, and these services allow us to go further than just helping customers resolve their issues and heighten their competitiveness to create the functions and frameworks needed for addressing social and environmental issues.

To guide us in exercising our corporate philosophy, we evaluated various social and environmental issues from a business perspective.
Based on these evaluations, we have specified material issues that the SCSK Group will need to emphasize and prioritize if it is to grow together with society.

One focus for these material issues is achieving sustainable business growth with society, based on which we have specified the material issues of innovating for a brighter society, building trust for a safe and secure society, and creating an inclusive society. We are committed to resolving social issues while simultaneously achieving business growth.

We have also specified four material issues for developing a foundation supporting sustainable growth that will allow us to practice sustainability management with a focus on environmental, social, and governance issues. For the SCSK Group to achieve sustainable growth, it is crucial for the human resources who are responsible for shaping the future to be able to succeed in their endeavors.
The SCSK Group has long been promoting working style reforms, health and productivity management, and diversity and inclusion, Going forward, we will continue to advance various initiatives targeting our employees and others who play a role in propelling our business. We also recognize that addressing climate change is an important management priority. We have therefore put forward greenhouse gas emission reductions targets and launched concrete initiatives to achieve these targets.

The SCSK Group will continue to communicate with its various stakeholders and create the value required by society as we pursue sustainable growth together with society and seek to build a better society and a better future.

I hope we can look forward to your ongoing understanding and support.

Takaaki Touma, Representative Director, President
April 2023