Term of use

Term of use

This Website is managed and operated by SCSK Corporation or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “SCSK”), or their representatives. Please read the following terms and conditions, and any other terms and conditions about any of the contents included on this Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) before using this Website, and only use this Website upon agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
Please be aware that all customers who make use of this Website are assumed to be doing so upon agreement with the Terms and Conditions.
Additionally, the Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, therefore you are asked to confirm the Terms and Conditions each time you make use of this Website.


Customers may not publish, copy, broadcast, publicly transmit, translate, sell, or lend any of the information (including documents, designs, layouts, logo marks, characters, trademarks, etc., hereinafter referred to as the “Published Information”) appearing on this Website, without permission from SCSK.
Further, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, rights of use, and other rights of the Published Information are the property of SCSK or rights holders for whom SCSK has approved use of the Published Information, therefore it is requested that customers use this Website to the extent that these rights are not breached.

Changes to/removal of Published Information

SCSK may add to, change, or delete Published Information, services or addresses in relation to this Website, without advance notification to customers.
Further, SCSK may cease access to this Website, in part or entirety, due to system errors or for system maintenance, without advance notice to customers. SCSK bears no responsibility for any damages incurred by customers due to changes to or removal of Published Information. 

Recommended browser, etc.

The following browser is recommended for viewing this Website. Earlier editions of this browser, or other browsers, may cause part of the site to be displayed incorrectly.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or above
In addition, the PDF files stored on this Website require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Users who do not have this software should download it (free of charge) by clicking on the icon below.
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader is necessary for viewing PDF documents.
Adobe Reader is distributed for free by Adobe Systems. 

Web accessibility

Efforts are being made to ensure that the SCSK corporate site is operated in an accessible manner, based on the principles of “JIS X8341-3 Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities-Information and communications equipment, software and services-Part 3: Web content.” We will continue to maintain and improve accessibility for the site through design and operation.

  • Images are accompanied by easy-to-understand explanations using alternative text (ALT attribute). To ensure compatibility with text-to-speech software, etc., the ALT attribute is left blank for images that have text displayed alongside them or that do not need alternative text.
  • By displaying text simultaneously, without relying only on colors or shapes, the contents can be understood without having to identify between shapes and colors. Sufficient contrast is maintained between background and foreground color, and font color, to ensure text is not difficult to read.
  • Measures are made to ensure contents are displayed correctly, and characters which are peculiar to certain computer models and cannot be correctly displayed on other computer models are not used.

Date and contents of publication

Information published on this Website is accurate as of the time of publication.
*NOTE. Not all information sent out to social media by our employees reflects the official policy, viewpoint or conditions of the Company.

Information may be changed following the time of publication.

Limited responsibility

SCSK makes every possible effort to ensure that the Published Information is up to date and correct. However, SCSK does not take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, credibility, or security (including the lack of computer viruses or other harmful elements) of this Website or the Published Information.
In addition, SCSK does not take responsibility for the adequacy of the Published Information for any country.
Further, SCSK does not take responsibility for damages incurred through defects with installed plug-ins (plug-ins may be necessary to display some contents) obtained from a company other than SCSK, or from non-receipt of emails or registration or documents requested due to internet defects or accidents.

About site security

When personal information is registered on this website, we use data encryption technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as a security measure for the network. This technology is commonly used as a transmission security measure on websites, and works by encrypting the entire transmission when data is input and transmitted via the internet, thereby preventing interception of any of the data. At SCSK, we take every measure possible to properly manage personal information, but attributes of the internet mean that we are unable to completely guarantee the privacy of personal information. Please be aware of this when using this website. 

About use of cookies and web beacons

Parts of the services on this website may use cookies and web beacons, in order to provide better service to our customers. Cookies are information passed between each user's browser and web server to enable websites to identify particular users. Web beacons are small graphic data, also known as clear GIFs, that recognize user activity, such as if and how often a user has visited a website.

The cookies and web beacons are used with the intention of providing appropriate information and improving customer service. By enabling cookies, you will be able to comfortably use all of the services on the websites operated by SCSK.

Cookies and web beacons make it easier for a repeat visitor to browse SCSK's website, but they neither identify the person's private information nor cause any damage to their computer.

Users may disable cookies by changing the settings in their browser. However, disabling cookies may also disable certain functions of the website, such as online inquiry forms. For details on how to change browser settings, please contact the browser company.

About customer access logs

This website keeps record of information about the users who access it, in the form of an access log. An access log records the domain name or IP address, type of browser used, and access date and time of persons who use the website. The access log is used for website maintenance management, statistical analysis about usage status, and problem solving.

Links to other Websites

SCSK does not take responsibility for the content on Websites linked to from this Website (this also applies to other websites which display the SCSK logo).

Links to the SCSK Website

Customers are requested not to create links to frame interiors, links which do not clearly display that they are linking to SCSK contents, or links which connect directly to images or specified independent files (files which are downloaded for use, etc.) within this Website.
Additionally, customers are asked not to create links to this Website on Websites which include contents that slander or damage credibility of SCSK or SCSK’s products and services, or on Websites which include content that is offensive to public order and morals, or on Websites which publish unlawful contents or are involved with or may be involved with unlawful activities, or on Websites which compare their own products with SCSK products or obviously state their superiority over SCSK products.

Financial results information, etc.

For the convenience of investors, SCSK may publish information about future financial results (hereinafter referred to as “Result Information”) on this Website. Result Information is only a prediction forecast by SCSK’s management at the time of publication, and is subject to change due to various factors. Therefore, customers are requested not to place undue reliance on this information alone. Further, SCSK does not take responsibility for the Result Information.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of Japan. Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes which arise from this Website or the content of this agreement.