Management Practices

Basic Policy

One of SCSK’s Key Sustainability Issues is creating an affluent society together with our customers. We address this issue through two principal approaches.

The first approach is to advance initiatives as part of our business activities. We are creating and promoting businesses in various fields that contribute to the resolution of social issues while simultaneously moving forward with sophisticated and cutting-edge technological research and service development to support such businesses. To foster human resources that are capable of carrying out these initiatives, we have implemented frameworks and programs that allow employees to start new businesses themselves and to test the potential of new technologies. Furthermore, we are expanding the scope of our nearshore development efforts, which entail conducting system development at prefectural bases in order to create employment opportunities for IT workers in rural areas and to deploy working style reforms in these areas.

The other approach is to conduct social contribution activities outside of our business. For these activities, we have defined the development of next-generation human resources, cooperation with local communities and the international society, and global environmental preservation as priority areas. The Sustainability Promotion Department serves as the secretariat for contribution activities, which include planning, developing, and proliferating social contribution programs; offering monetary and humanitarian aid to various institutions and NPOs; and encouraging employees to take part in contribution activities of their own volition.