Provision of Assured Technology

Our R&D actions to improvement our Technological Capabilities

We SCSK think it is the most important responsibilities to respond to the rapid changes in information and communications technology (ICT) and provide the appropriate services to customers in timely manner. ICT is now an integral part of our clients' business activities and consumers' daily lives. One of our missions is to provide our clients with safe and secure technologies. For its purpose, We have dedicated organizations, including Research and Development Center, to evaluate new technologies and found out how to implement them to our services together with our business units.

R&D for digital technologies

It is recognized that cloud services, mobile technologies, social network services and big data/analytics technologies are now fundamental for digital society. In addition to those technologies, third-generation of AI, IoT, Blockchain are typical technologies to accelerate digitalization / digital transformation and have continued to make a big impact to industries, companies, consumers and individual people. Those all technologies are uniting our lives and company activities into a further digital world.

Digitalization and digital transformation are major recent ICT trends and we have been watching them as ever. Primarily Research and Development Center has a mission to investigate and evaluate leading-edge technologies in the market to make IT environments up-to-date. We pursue enhancement and innovation of our own products and services for more valuable services.

R & D for Digitization

SCSK Hackathon “Technoco" – to develop and support self-led talented ICT engineers

We SCSK recognize to the needs of more “self-led talented" ICT engineers, who are highly motivated to watch technology trends and acquire those knowledge and skills, in order to keep providing more technological capabilities to our clients.

Therefore, we periodically hold a corporate-wide Hackthon “Technoco" for our employees in all generations, from different office locations with different job assignments, to work together to develop some application system by using new technologies. They dedicate the next two days to developing an application system right after selecting the idea of application systems and building a team. At the end of “Technoco", each team demonstrates technological highlight by its application system and awards are given to the winner.

In addition to “Technoco", we hold “Technoco Village Lightning Talk event" at several office locations in SCSK Group companies. In this event, individual employee can have a chance to share the output of their daily research, topics of interest, and so on with other employees.

We believe these kinds of our program lead more self-led talented ICT engineers in the company. Recently, in addition, we also hold joint Lightning Talk events with peers in the same industry which endorse SCSK's initiatives.

Technoco (Hackathon) at Tama Center’s Learning Park

Technoco (Hackathon) at Tama Center’s Learning Park

Technoco Village lightning talk

Technoco Village lightning talk

Initiatives for OSS

OSS is now being widely used by various systems, making itself an important element of IT platforms underpinning corporate systems and social infrastructure. At SCSK, we are working to promote the development and greater use of OSS from both usage and development / operations standpoints.
At the same time, we are also actively building relationships with the community by holding workshops for OSS users involving OSS experts and other means.

Technoco Village lightning talk
Workshops for OSS Users

OSS Radar Scope

We rank the results of OSS evaluations according to SCSK’s own criteria and map them on a radar chart, which provides a general idea of utility when selecting OSS.


Customer Service

Help Desk Service

SCSK is connected to general consumers through the activities of its corporate customers. Through our Help Desk Service for corporate customers, we contribute to the dissemination of knowledge regarding our corporate customers'products and services.

Product Support

SCSK offers superior overseas IT products to its customers. While we are careful to verify the quality of such products, if a customer should encounter a problem with a product, we provide appropriate support for all such products consistent with the terms and conditions of the warranty, in order for customers to feel satisfied using these products.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

To confirm whether or not customers are satisfied with SCSK's IT services, we carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys. When our services / products are evaluated highly, we share these cases internally to encourage greater efforts to enhance customer satisfaction. If we receive complaints or suggestions for improvement, we take such feedback seriously, identifying the cause and deploying preventive measures for similar products on a companywide basis.