Management Practices

Basic Policy

To address the Key Sustainability Issues of providing safe and secure IT services together with our partner companies, we are working together with our partners in the areas of quality control, information security, personal information protection, and compliance.

To facilitate quality control, we have created SE+, a proprietary development standard that is an amalgamation of SCSK’s on-site expertise and implemented by checking the frameworks through dedicated organizations. These measures enable us to provide high-quality products and services. In addition, we are responding to globalization trends while actively adopting international standards, such as ISO 9001.

For information security and personal information protection, we have in place an Information Security Management System and a Personal Information Management System. Based on these systems, we establish Companywide policies, training and education programs, and risk assessment protocols and countermeasures.

To guarantee compliance, we take steps to ensure fair transactions with our business partners and other entities under the supervision of the Compliance Committee. Specific measures include furnishing internal regulations and an internal reporting system and raising awareness regarding these provisions throughout the Company as well as conducting training, education, and internal audits and otherwise pursuing higher levels of compliance.

In this way, we have developed frameworks and systems with regard to each area and endeavor to maintain an understanding of related risks and implement related countermeasures. Furthermore, themes for initiatives with partner companies, which include health and productivity management, have been clearly defined to guide us in advancing our activities in these areas together with our partner companies. Such activities are monitored through on-site reviews and other measures. We also provide our partners with the Sumitomo Corporation Group CSR Action Guidelines for Supply Chain Management and ask that they endorse, understand, and adhere to these guidelines. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen and enhance initiatives in these areas throughout the Group and at our partner companies.