Quality Management Initiatives

Quality Management Initiatives

SCSK's Philosophy on Quality

SCSK’s Philosophy on Quality

SCSK believes that customer satisfaction is the top priority when it comes to the quality provided by products and services.

Accordingly, it is essential to improve the quality of operations in terms of both management and deliverables. We refer to the combination of these two types of quality as "SCSK Quality."

Delivering Greater Operational Quality with SE+

What is SE+?

Process standardization is vital to ensuring the profitability of a project. This includes processes to control risks and create outcomes with robust quality.

Starting in fiscal 2012, we introduced process standards called SmartEpisode Plus (SE+) for project management and system development. This has allowed us to carry out project management that ensures consistent quality.

Since introducing SE+, we have worked to create an environment conducive to using SE+, develop human resources who can use SE+, and take steps to encourage the adoption of SE+. As a result, 85% of our projects up to fiscal 2016 used SE+. In fiscal 2017, we are aiming to increase this percentage to 100%. The greater use of SE+ will enable us to further improve quality across the entire organization.

Development Process

The development process is the foundation of systems development. SE+ provides standardized model designed for development from scratch. It also provides a standardized tailoring model designed for utilizing FastAPP, implementation of ERP packages.

Project Management

SE+ increases project efficiency by standardizing management process from business inquiries to project completions. It also defines implementation processes for organized project management, through visualization of schedule, quality and cost of the project.

Organizational Activities

SE+ also defines plan-do-check-act(PDCA) initiatives to increase the quality of project activities and improve standardized processes. These initiatives include rigorous evaluation of standardized processes and process implevement activities.

Visualizing Project Status with SE+ (Navi)

We developed SE+ (Navi) as a platform for project management and introduced it from fiscal 2016.

SE+ (Navi) visualizes the status of a project, including quality and profitability, among other indicators, enabling line managers to facilitate the project and senior management to make decisions quickly. Also, some of SE+’s project management processes have been functionalized, making it possible to streamline project management.

We will utilize SE+ (Navi) to thoroughly visualize development processes and project status to further enhance development quality and productivity.

SE+ Master Certification Program for HR Development

Instilling process standards requires not only the right environment and systems, but also human resources development. Starting in fiscal 2016, SCSK launched the SE+ Master certification program for recognizing human resources with SE+ skills as well as an SE+ certification test. In the first six months a total of more than 1,400 employees passed the test and obtained certification. This number is currently on the rise.

In addition, SE+ introduction leaders have been appointed in every department, various training and briefings are being held, and a guidebook has been published and distributed in order to develop human resources capable of using SE+.

Framework Supporting Quality on a Companywide Basis

In addition to general quality management processes implemented in projects, we promote Companywide quality improvement activities formulated from a third-party perspective (Project Management Office (PMO), quality control divisions, etc.). Through such activities, we are raising quality throughout the entire period of projects and across the organization. Further improvements in quality as well as productivity are pursued through SmartEpisode Plus (SE+) development standards and the S.CODE and S.CLOUD development environments.

Companywide Quality Control Framework

Quality Management Initiatives


Enhancing Competitiveness by Curtailing Unprofitable Projects and Elevating Quality

In fiscal 2016, we started using a project management platformcalled SE+ (Navi) that helps visualize the results of checks and the project status. This has enabled us to discover and address issues in projects at the organization level.

As a result, we are now better able to curtail unprofitable projects and ensure that quality checks and quality reports are prepared, leading to enhanced competitiveness through higher quality.