Telecommunication Systems Business Group

Clearing a Path for Growth in the Communications,Energy, and Media Fields

SCSK is taking full advantage of its sophisticated expertise and agility in the fields of communications, utilities (Electricity and Gas) and media to better position itself on a course for growth. We are also actively taking initiatives in such new business domains as next-generation services and those highly specialized areas capitalizing on the shift toward electricity deregulation. In doing so, we are taking on the challenge of providing customers with new added value.

The Telecommunication Systems Business Group provides optimal integration services which combine a variety of IT solutions for core systems for BSS* areas in the communications, energy, and media industries.
 For the communications industry, we provide services such as the construction of customer management and business systems which handle tasks such as order reception/placement and billing for major mobile network operators. We also provide maintenance and operation services for the same.
 For the energy industry, we are involved in projects in highly specialized areas related to energy policies and electricity deregulation, and engage in the construction of new energy management systems.
 For the media industry, we are responsible for the construction of sales and billing systems for cable television operators and other companies, as well as maintenance services for the same. We also provide full support for IT-related operations, from customer relationship management (CRM) optimization to strengthening IT infrastructure.

*BSS : Business Support Systems

Telecommunication Systems Business Group
Future Initiatives

The one commonality between the three industries of communications, energy, and media to which the Telecommunication Systems Business Group provides services is their desire to enhance their customer bases. In fiscal 2017, we will be promoting the digital transformation of the customer information management systems we have developed.
 As part of this initiative, we will be making use of next-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things and AI while proactively assisting our customers in increasing the value of customer information in their businesses.
 In addition, in anticipation of a time of destructive innovation, we have established a new, dedicated organization in the group specifically concerned with business innovation. In a time when the business environments of our customers are undergoing extreme change, we aim to create new services and business models looking 10 years ahead so that our customers’ businesses can continue to develop stably.