Telecommunication Systems Business Group

Clearing a Path for Growth in the Communications, Utilities (Electricity and Gas), and Media Fields

SCSK is taking full advantage of its sophisticated expertise and agility in the fields of communications, utilities (Electricity and Gas) and media to better position itself on a course for growth. We are also actively taking initiatives in such new business domains as next-generation services and those highly specialized areas capitalizing on the shift toward electricity deregulation. In doing so, we are taking on the challenge of providing customers with new added value.

The Telecommunication Systems Business Group provides optimal integrated services through combinations of various IT solutions to customers in the communications, utilities (electricity and gas), and media fields.
For the communications industry, we provide services such as construction of customer management systems including sales order management systems and billing systems for major mobile telephone companies. We also provide maintenance and operational services of these systems. For the utilities (electricity and gas) industry, we are involved in projects in highly specialized areas related to energy policies and electricity deregulation, and are taking initiatives in regard to the construction of a new type of energy management IT system. For the media industry, we handle backbone systems for cable TV and televised home-shopping companies, providing operational and maintenance support for these systems. We work to optimize these companies’ CRM systems and strengthen their management base. We also provide full support for IT-related operations.
What these three business areas have in common is the fact that they all have direct interaction with customers’ end-users, and to provide the various systems the Company has developed in the area of end-user relations to these three differing customer groups is a significant strength of this group. Through comprehensive, full outsourcing services, the group contributes to reducing the burden of development and operational tasks for its customers.

Telecommunication Systems Business Group
Future Initiatives

For the new Medium-Term Management Plan, we have identified three key tasks to undertake: (1) further expand our services into the strategic business domains of customers, (2) establish strategies for service-oriented businesses and take on challenges under those strategies, and (3) develop human resources, enhance operational efficiency, and improve productivity.
In order to accomplish the three key tasks, we will make each employee aware of these tasks and share information in every detail in order to direct the Group on a course for growth. We will also work to promote the move to cloud computing in the business-to-consumer (B2C) area, which contains a diverse range of potential business opportunities, including sales management and billing services. Furthermore, we will promote cooperation and integration among our business fields, including communications, utilities (electricity and Gas), and media, while aiming to establish a solid business foundation and provide prompt support for the new business domains of our customers.