Manufacturing Systems Business Group

Growing with Customers and Heightening the International Competitiveness of Japan’s Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing Systems Business Group operates under the basic policy of providing services as a close partner to customers. Through the provision of development, maintenance, and operation services for global management and operational systems, we strive to contribute to the development of the Japanese manufacturing industry and to improved corporate value for customers.

The Manufacturing Systems Business Group provides systems development services as well as maintenance and operation services for the full range of operational processes. Supplying these services on a global scale, we cater to customers in a diverse range of manufacturing industries, including the automobile, electrical and electronic equipment, precision electronic equipment, and food and fisheries industries.
 Our offerings are characterized by high quality services steeped in the rich operational knowledge and sophisticated technological capabilities we have developed through close interaction with customers. In addition to the core manufacturing industry systems of production and inventory management, and global supply chain management (SCM), these offerings also include business support and sales management systems for strengthening business capabilities, and information infrastructure for aiding in stimulating internal communication and reforming work styles.

Manufacturing Systems Business Group
Future Initiatives

The Manufacturing Systems Business Group has adopted “establishing a solid position to support the Japanese manufacturing industry by leveraging services and quality unique to SCSK” as its main policy. Under this policy, the group is accelerating the following initiatives to contribute to customers’ management reforms.
 First and foremost, we will earnestly engage with customers on an individual basis, striving always to develop the deepest possible understanding of customers. We aim to be a true partner, who will be able to struggle together, think together, and devise and aid in the development of solutions together regarding customers’ management issues.
 In addition, the Manufacturing Systems Business Group will harness its experience and expertise as well as the comprehensive strengths of the SCSK Group to further enhance SCSK’s unique manufacturing industry services. Examples include product information management (PIM) systems which can be efficiently applied in sales and marketing and used to manage all processes from the collection of information on products dispersed throughout a company to their control and distribution, as well as management dashboards which make use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to assist in the execution of swift management decisions.
 Through these efforts, we aim to contribute to the further development of the manufacturing industry, which is one of Japan’s main industries and employs approximately 10 million people.