IT Platform Solutions Group

Aiding the Construction of Customers’ IT Infrastructure via Total Support Services

The IT Platform Solutions Group offers flexible support for a variety of customer initiatives in manufacturing with computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE) and other areas as well as IT infrastructure. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this group provides products and services that accurately respond to customer needs to flexibly support customers’ various businesses.

The IT Platform Solutions Group combines servers, storage, network equipment, and security products in line with customer needs to provide optimum IT infrastructure environments. We also offer IT solutions for the manufacturing industry, such as design, analysis, and production preparation tools which support manufacturing processes, as well as IT solutions for telecommunications carriers and other highly specialized products.
In order to provide the latest technologies in these areas, we strive to pioneer world-leading and unique products through a global network which includes local overseas subsidiaries and the Sumitomo Corporation Group.
Our group also deploys support services for these products. CarePlus is our proprietary brand of total support services for IT infrastructure equipment. By expanding the CarePlus menu of services, we aim to enlarge our maintenance service business while at the same time enhancing the added value of existing businesses, improving customer satisfaction, and growing business for the IT Platform Solutions Group as a whole.

IT Platform Solutions Group
Future Initiatives

We aim to further cultivate key customers in our existing product sales business via tight coordination with other business groups and SCSK Group companies. In addition, we will establish a new division specializing in business for telecommunications carriers, one of our key focuses, with the aim of expanding business. Further, we will proactively enhance our ability to discover new products and cultivate new global talent by sending more employees to work at our subsidiaries in U.S., as well as by dispatching more staff to Europe.
We will improve the ease of use of CarePlus, the IT Platform Solutions Group’s mainline support service, by expanding the number of products, and by adding survey and report functionality. In addition, we will be launching CarePlus Cloud, a new cloud service brand, as part of the CarePlus service platform to enable customers and partners to use CarePlus as an IT support service platform as well.