IT Platform Solutions Group

Bolstering Sales of IT Products and Expanding Maintenance and Operation Services

The IT Platform Solutions Group offers flexible support for a variety of customer initiatives in manufacturing with computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE) and other areas as well as IT infrastructure. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this group provides products and services that accurately respond to customer needs to flexibly support customers’ various businesses.

By combining servers and network devices as well as security products, the IT Platform Solutions Group provides support for the development of optimal IT infrastructure. The group also handles IT solutions for each step of the manufacturing process, such as design, planning, simulation analysis, and production preparation, and also provides maintenance and operation services for products and services after they are delivered to customers.
In addition, the IT Platform Solutions Group works to discover the latest IT products from around the world and is in charge of providing these products to customers. To this end, we utilize our global networks, which include our subsidiary in the United States and the Sumitomo Corporation Group, to cultivate products that possess cutting-edge and unique technologies. In addition, we offer optimal product combinations based on the business operations and needs of our customers by customizing individual products and software in the same manner as one would tune a musical instrument. This ability displays the high-value-added know-how that is our group’s greatest strength.
Furthermore, we offer a range of total support services. These services include the Outsourcing Onsite Service, which responds to customer needs for curtailing fixed costs by providing services at customer worksites on a pay-per-use basis through IT equipment owned by the Company, and CarePlus, which has a strong track record in maintenance and operation services.

IT Platform Solutions Group
Future Initiatives

While maintaining its focus on expanding sales from its existing businesses, the IT Platform Solutions Group is also accelerating initiatives for “shifting to service-oriented businesses,” a core strategy in the current Medium-Term Management Plan.
In existing businesses, we will harness the various expertise of our five business divisions and work to increase profits through improved efficiency in business management. At the same time, the group will further refine its ability to propose optimal combinations of products with the goal of expanding its businesses.
In its service-oriented businesses, the group will create highvalue-added services and provide these services to customers over the long term. As part of these efforts, we have established a project team within the group to facilitate the expansion of our lineup of services performed on behalf of the customer. In addition, while working to enhance the brand image of its existing CarePlus service-oriented business, the group will itemize its service menu by product and bolster its offerings to develop a lineup of highly convenient maintenance and operation services.
To advance these initiatives, it will be essential to develop human resources that have deep knowledge and skills related to product development and that are able to make proposals to customers. The group will assemble engineers currently dispersed throughout Japan in its IT technology centers, integrate education programs, and work to enhance employee technological capabilities through intensive trainings.