IT Management Group

Creating the Future Together with Customers through the Comprehensive Strengths of IT Management Services

In the IT Management Group, SCSK supports the sophistication of business management and the improvement of operational efficiency for its customers from the perspective of IT services. This is accomplished by working together with customers to construct and manage IT system infrastructure and through the operation of data centers. In this way, the Group contributes to value-creating initiatives that are focused on company growth, sustainability, and soundness.

The IT Management Group is comprised of three businesses: Platform integration, which constructs IT system platforms; our on-site operation service, which supports everything from IT operation to IT strategy creation from the customer’s perspective; and our data center business, which protects important data via robust security features.
 These businesses also coordinate to provide our cloud services, combining components such as servers, networks, and security in the optimum configuration for all manner of environments based on management and business concerns.
 The IT Management Group comprehensively supports the optimization of customers’ entire IT system platforms, from planning and construction to operation, management, and the proposal of improvements, via sophisticated management services. Through our IT services, we indirectly support our customers in enhancing their management and business efficiency and contribute to the improvement of their growth potential, business continuity, and sound management.

IT Management Group
Future Initiatives

Taking as our policy the shifting of our business model from a labor-oriented business to a service-oriented model, we are striving to enhance our business domains and strengthen our data center business.
 To start, we will establish a system which will enable us to meet the diverse needs of our customers at an even higher level. We will do this by enhancing our business domains through the promotion of the standardization and automation of operations, expanding security specialists’ area of operation, and hybrid operation services that combine monitoring and operation services performed by our engineers stationed on customer premises and at our data centers.
 Meanwhile, we will also strengthen our data center business by accelerating the standardization of system operation services, including networks, security and cloud computing, and by expanding service-oriented business focusing on solutions which utilize our data centers. In addition, we will promote the use of our data centers and cloud services, particularly among existing customers, to acquire full outsourcing contracts and improve our profitability. Through these initiatives, we will strengthen the market competitiveness of our data center business.