IT Management Group

Contributing to the Improvement of Corporate Value through the Comprehensive Strengths of IT Management Services

In the IT Management Group, SCSK supports sophistication of business management and improvement of operational efficiency of its customers from the aspect of IT services. This is accomplished by working together with customers to construct and manage IT system infra­structure and through the operation of data centers. In this way, the Group contributes to ­value-creating initiatives that are focusing on company growth, sustainability, and soundness.

The IT Management Group works to resolve the issues its customers face in business management and operation by leveraging the power of IT. Through our IT services, such as construction and operation of customer-owned IT system infrastructure as well as management of data centers that store customer data, we help customers eliminate management risks and improve corporate value.
This group is strengthening its overall capacity to provide IT management services based on three themes. The first theme is “proof of stable IT services.” Our efforts in this area include utilizing unique frameworks for visualizing various issues related to IT services in order to provide stable services that offer reassurance. The second theme is “realization of continuously evolving IT services.” With regard to this theme, we seek to improve the operational quality of customer systems to stabilize customer business foundations. The third theme is “provision of customer-value-creating IT services.” Based on this theme, we work to discover what types of value customers are in need of and what they will need in the future so that we can address these needs. The IT Management Group defines its mission as contributing to the creation of value for customers through the provision of such IT services.

IT Management Group
Future Initiatives

The IT Management Group has adopted “accelerating speed in shifting to service-oriented businesses” as its Group policy and is working to promote service innovation, bolster competitiveness, and nurture advanced IT technological experts.
In order to promote service innovation, the group will move forward with the advancement of core services, such as system operation, security, network, and cloud services. At the same time, it will improve communication within the group and focus its efforts on creating new services. In addition, in order to give form to customer desires, the group will provide the IT strategy formulation support service, a service in which service managers work together with the customer in on-site operations and formulate medium-term IT investment plans.
Furthermore, the group is working to bolster its competitiveness by improving convenience and the overall quality of its services and business operations. At the same time, to promote service-oriented businesses, the group will accelerate the fostering of advanced IT technological experts in order to reinforce its service management, cloud services, and security services and also further its global expansion. Through these efforts, the group will strive to make greater contributions to improving the corporate value of customer companies.