Financial Systems Business

Creating the Future of the Financial Industry Together with Our Customers

Our financial systems business is operated by Financial Systems Business Group I and Financial Systems Business Group II and is backed by the know-how cultivated through our proven track record in the financial industry. In this business, we provide information and communications technology (ICT) services ranging from system development, operation, maintenance to business process outsourcing (BPO) services.
 In addition, we are establishing a structure that provides global support to the full-scale overseas expansion of major financial institutions, thereby working together with our customers to create new business models.

In the financial systems business, we provide systems development, operation, and maintenance services for almost every business field that financial institutions engage in. Financial Systems Business Group I handles systems for the life and non-life insurance industries while Financial Systems Business Group II deals in systems for industries including the banking, securities, leasing, loan, and credit card industries.
 In the financial industry, sales channels for financial products continue to become more diverse as institutions expand their operations overseas and as people more frequently use tablets or the Internet to carry out transactions. In this environment, financial institutions are increasingly working to improve the quality of their customer service using IT as they strive to differentiate themselves from others.
 We have established a structure to provide detailed services overseas that adheres to the high standards of Japanese quality in our financial systems business. Under this structure, we are taking initiatives to create new business models making use of our overseas bases. For Japanese financial institutions that are expanding overseas, we provide operational systems development and various other services. We also offer support to help Japanese financial institutions develop an extensive menu of sophisticated financial services that can compete with those of Western institutions.
 Furthermore, we provide a wide range of solutions for security measures, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans (BCPs) that allow our customers to achieve the financial industry’s top priority—safety and security.

Financial Systems Business
Future Initiatives

In our financial systems business, we are taking on the challenge of establishing a business model that provides not only systems development, operation, and maintenance services but also ICT services specifically for financial institutions, including BPO services. In conjunction with the expansion of Japanese financial institutions’ businesses overseas, our group is accelerating the construction of a support structure for global services that can provide one-stop, full outsourcing services encompassing the development and operation of enterprise systems and various financial service systems for corporate customers. Also, drawing on our accumulated intellectual properties, we are establishing service-oriented businesses and moving forward with reforms to our earnings model. Taking charge of creating new business models that meld finance with IT and utilize AI and other new technologies, we support improvements to the international competitiveness of Japanese financial institutions.
 In supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese financial institutions, our group will move forward with the relocation of the necessary human resources. At the same time, through the business operations of overseas bases, we will work to cultivate globally competent employees capable of handling complex issues in the various business fields of the financial industry.