Distribution Systems Business Group

Refining Strengths and Providing Services with a Competitive Edge

Guided by the experience we have cultivated through full outsourcing services for Sumitomo Corporation, SCSK is working to expand and enhance service-oriented businesses for the distribution, food, and pharmaceuticals industries, aiming to improve the overall convenience of society itself at the same time.

The Distribution Systems Business Group provides IT solution services specifically designed for customer industries, particularly trading, real estate, pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, and food. In the trading industry, our biggest customer is Sumitomo Corporation and its group companies, to which we provide IT services via full, one-stop outsourcing, from planning to maintenance and operation, supporting the group’s consolidated global management.
 In the distribution industry, we provide SUMAKURA, an electronic data interchange (EDI) service which is compliant with the distribution business message standards (BMSs) endorsed by the four largest organizations in the supermarket industry, in turn supporting the operation of a vast number of supermarkets nationwide, from major chains to small and medium businesses. In the real estate industry, we offer real estate sale business support solutions as well as customer management solutions which tie together diverse customer data. In the pharmaceutical industry, we provide data analysis services for the field of clinical development and offer sales support systems for medical representatives (MRs). With these offerings, we maintain a leading share in the sales and marketing solutions area of the pharmaceutical industry.
 Globally, in tandem with IT, we help Japanese companies to be more competitive and globalized in Japan and four other countries.

Distribution Systems Business Group
Future Initiatives

We will harness the knowhow we have obtained through the full outsourcing services we provide to Sumitomo Corporation, as well as the strengths of our abundant lineup of solutions specifically designed for the real estate, pharmaceutical, supermarket chains and food industries, to provide customers with services that will enhance their competitiveness.
 Particularly in the distribution industry, omni-channel approaches such as those in the retail industry are steadily expanding and taking hold. Against this backdrop, we will offer “Next Trend,” a new service for implementing and bringing about the success of omni-channel business initiatives, providing our customers with total support, from omni-channel systems to marketing analysis and policy execution, data management platforms, enterprise systems, and operation outsourcing.