Business Solutions Group

Providing Solutions through Original Products and Services

The Business Solutions Group contributes to customers’ businesses by providing original products and services. This group deals in a broad array of solutions. Business solutions include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and other solutions using service packages as well as solutions utilizing our development platforms capable of swift and flexible development of order-made systems. In addition, this group offers unique and sophisticated solutions for specific processes or industries, such as those for use by call centers or in automotive system development.

The Business Solutions Group provides customers with a broad array of solutions, composed of our original products and services, which contribute to their businesses.
 We offer business solutions such as our proprietary ProActive ERP package, and our original Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) services which support customers throughout their entire system lifecycle—including ERP, CRM, as well as all manner of data coordination and analysis tools—in the form that is optimum to each customer. We also offer FastAPP, a proprietary high speed system development and implementation framework service to meet needs for swift development, easy operation, and flexible improvement of business applications.
 For call centers, we provide solutions such as the PrimeTiaas multichannel framework, Desse AI-powered question and answer system, and VOiCFinder natural language text analysis tool.
 For automobile ECU development, a field undergoing rapid computerization, we offer QINeS, a one-stop product and service solution for areas such as Basic Software (BSW), including real time OS, development and management process creation, education, and support services for application development services.

Business Solutions Group
Future Initiatives

Based on the core strategies of the current Medium-Term Management Plan, the Business Solutions Group will accelerate the shift toward proprietary services backed by SCSK’s intellectual property and IT assets. We will expand the scope of the services we offer, focusing in particular on FastAPP, PrimeTiaas, and cloud-based ERP and CRM as solutions for an age where systems are implemented and utilized without owning them directly oneself.
 As a measure to reinforce our business foundation, we aim to expand our services by working to ensure our engineers are multi-skilled as well as continuing to accumulate knowhow and creating templates of them. Further, we will engage in staff rotation and resource reallocation in order to cultivate human resources able to provide efficient and advanced services. Through these initiatives, we aim to further enhance service synergy and fortify our ability to provide useful services for the entirety of the system lifecycle, including development, implementation, maintenance, and operation.
 In addition, in order to achieve our Medium-Term Management Plan, we aim to make use of our group’s products and services not only in our own business areas but in all of SCSK’s business groups for every industry.