Business Services Group

Contributing to Higher Performance for Customers through Services Combining Human Resources, Operational Expertise, and IT

Through the Business Services Group, SCSK is working to bolster its earnings capacity and expand its business domain through its endeavors, which include adding value to its BPO services, providing verification services from the development stage of both products and systems, incorporating omni-channel compatibility for its e-commerce (EC) services, stepping up initiatives in new fields and growth areas, and expanding its lineup of digital communications services.

The Business Services Group comprises SCSK ServiceWare Corporation, VeriServe Corporation, and SCSK Prescendo Corporation as well as the Business Promotion Division, which is in charge of sales support and planning and promotion of new businesses.
Out of its 13 call centers and contact centers across Japan, SCSK ServiceWare provides various industries with technical support, help desk services, digital communication services, and other BPO services that utilize its robust service provision track record and strong operational know-how.
Backed by years of experience and its systematic verification theory, VeriServe supplies verification services for various products and systems from the perspective of a third party, independent from the developers’ side. Verification is offered for auto parts such as automotive software systems and car navigation systems, mobile devices such as smartphones, digital home electronics, and industrial equipment related to the aviation and medical industries. In addition, VeriServe provides verification services for network security and enterprise applications.
SCSK Prescendo develops outsourcing businesses that offer total outsourcing services, primarily for the fashion and apparel industry, for all the operational processes related to customers’ e-commerce operations. This company’s operations include the provision of services related to EC systems and system introduction support as well as back office operation and logistics assistance delivered out of its three customer service and logistics centers located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. In addition, SCSK Prescendo provides customer support operation and content production services. Bearing in mind current circumstances and future trends, this company is drawing on its EC-related expertise to supply services that are matched to the omni-channel strategies of its customers.

Business Services Group
Future Initiatives

In the Business Services Group, we are combining our human resources and operational know-how with IT to provide BPO services unique to an IT company. While helping customers reduce costs, we will also contribute to higher earnings through direct approaches for improving operational processes and quality as well as sales activities. In addition, the group will assist customers in expanding into new business domains. Through these efforts, the group aims to provide even highervalue-added services to its customers.
In our digital communications services, we support the operation of the various channels through which customers pursue appropriate communication with end-users. Specially, we provide digital field management services aimed at improving customer satisfaction, ranging from process design and construction to ongoing data management, analysis, and improvement, on a one-stop basis. In addition, through our verification services we participate in projects from the stages of defining requirements and design in order to heighten the quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) aspects of the product and application development process as whole.
Going forward, we will leverage our accumulated management resources and IT platforms to advance initiatives for developing more sophisticated services combining human resources, operational expertise, and IT.