Business Services Group

Combining Human Effort with IT to Support a Variety of Businesses

Through the Business Services Group, SCSK is working to bolster its earnings capacity and expand its business domain through its endeavors, which include adding value to its BPO services, providing verification services from the development stage of both products and systems, incorporating omni-channel compatibility for its e-commerce (EC) services, stepping up initiatives in new fields and growth areas, and expanding its lineup of digital communications services.

The Business Services Group comprises SCSK ServiceWare Corporation, VeriServe Corporation, and SCSK PRESCENDO CORPORATION, as well as the Business Promotion Division, which is in charge of sales support and new business planning and promotion for SCSK Group companies.
 Harnessing business knowhow in such industries as financial, telecommunications, distribution, and manufacturing, SCSK ServiceWare utilizes contact centers which integrate real people and digital technologies to provide total BPO services, from marketing to technical support.
 As the development of the Internet of Things and other systems for improving convenience in society grow increasingly sophisticated and complex, VeriServe offers pioneering software verification services as the first such dedicated company in Japan from a third party perspective independent from the development side.
 SCSK PRESCENDO CORPORATION provides total e-commerce outsourcing services with a focus on the apparel and lifestyle goods industries. More specifically, SCSK PRESCENDO CORPORATION offers an integrated set of services necessary for the operation of e-commerce sites, from website and order reception/placement system construction and product photography, dimension taking, and copy creation; to warehouse management and merchandise delivery.

Business Services Group
Future Initiatives

The application of IT as a means of internal corporate optimization has become a commodity and we now exist in a time where there is a need to utilize IT to realize a higher quality of social life. The Internet and cloud services have taken hold as social infrastructure, and this is causing person-to-person behavioral patterns, including business transactions, to change. In addition, technologies which connect things to things are going to become ever more common in every place imaginable in society, and, among other effects, this will expand the possibilities of manufacturing in turn.
 Based on these trends, the SCSK Group provides comprehensive services which harness its strengths as one of the largest system providers in Japan able to offer both integrated IT services, from system construction to operation; and a variety of BPO services. As one of the Business Services Group’s latest initiatives, SCSK ServiceWare offers tools which support the diversification of communication between client corporations and their customers through digital channels. In addition, VeriServe offers services which support the enhancement of industrial products such as those in the automotive industry, while SCSK PRESCENDO CORPORATION provides solutions which enable inventory adjustment through omni-channel approaches connecting e-commerce sites and physical stores.